Strategic Directions

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Susu Mamas Strategic Framework 2012-2016 is centred around seven (7) Key Service Delivery Areas (National Health Plan 2011-2020).

1. Improve Service Delivery

SSM will improve service delivery through delivering integrated health care through community based interventions, outreach and urban clinics.

2. Strengthening Partnership

SSM will continue to build relationships with the government, international, local organizations and private sector to ensure consistent access to resources that allows us to be more responsive to changes in the health care needs of communities.

3. Governance

SSM will model good practice, governance and management. We will invest in its governance through maintaining a strong and accountable management structure, robust and transparent financial systems and processes, focusing on professional development and quality assurance that deliver services and contribute to the National Health Plan.

4. Child Survival

SSM will improve child survival through targeting support to early post-delivery clients, ensuring communities have the knowledge and understanding of issues related to child health survival through outreach.

5. Maternal Health

SSM is committed to improving women’s’ health through provision of a comprehensive package including family planning, antenatal support, supervised delivery, post-delivery and referral services which are inclusive of women, men, and adolescence girls and boys.

6. Reduce the burden of communicable diseases

SSM will enable access to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and referral services for communicable diseases, e.g. Malaria, TB, HIV & STIs, as part of a “one -stop” approach for health care delivery though our urban clinics, and outreach services.

7. Promote Healthy Lifestyles

SSM will support communities to have a greater understanding of the impact of their social, economic and physical environments on their health status (including family violence), so that they are able to identify and change behaviours to improve their health. SSM will support them to develop their capacity to respond to their own health and wellbeing to ensure that changes are sustainable and accessible to all community members, especially in relation to child health.